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Distributor Insights

Distributor Insights is a web-based tool for the client-facing Distributor to manage its in-force annuity and life insurance businesses to improve client service, identify sales opportunities, and monitor its book of business to reduce risk.

Our Distributor Insights service combines in-force contract data with internal Distributor data (e.g., firm account, hierarchy, client profile) to provide a comprehensive platform for the firm and its advisors to manage their book of business better.  Access to detailed policy-level information allows the firm and its advisors to closely monitor and act on important dates, events, or developments within their annuity or insurance policy.  

With each client having its own customized implementation, Distributor Insights is tailored to meet the Distributor’s specific requirements.  The client-facing Distributor controls the scope and pace of development, supported by a Saltzman Insights team with decades of experience.

Without timely access to detailed policy level information, firms and their Advisors may struggle to adequately service their annuity and insurance relationships with clients.  

Tailored to the needs of multiple user groups, Distributor Insights takes detailed contract information from the DTCC (and/or other sources) and maps it to the client’s account, firm advisor data and sales hierarchy.  Users have ready access to detailed contract, sales and asset data through custom dashboards, reports, alerts, and monitoring features. 

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Functionalities & Capabilities

Dashboards & Widgets

A dashboard is a collection of related widgets.  Each widget within a Dashboard provides a specific view of data designed to provide quick insights to the business and its performance.  Dashboards provide for a quick and consistent view into program data.  

Contract Details

The contract details screen provides detailed information about an annuity or insurance contract, its firm account, advisor, and any cases that have been opened related to the contract.  


Reporting provides users with access to various reports defined by the firm including assets, transactions, supervision, and administration.  Each firm will tailor reports to their specifications and may create customized reports to meet their unique needs. 

Case Management

Case management provides defined User Groups, such as supervision, with workflow functionality to proactively manage and monitor its book of business

Fund Management

Distributor Insights includes the ability to define and maintain contract investment option risk score, class and category which may be viewed in Contract Details and used by the firm for supervision activities.

Alerts & Monitoring

A firm can utilize the data within Distributor Insights to generate notifications and alerts to specific user groups.   Notifications are presented at both the contract level and in aggregate on a notifications dashboard.

Distributor Insights Controls



Parameters can be adjusted to refine dates, hierarchies, or other criteria to refine or narrow the data set to be presented across a Dashboard, Widget or Report.


Links are embedded throughout Widgets and Reports in Distributor Insights and allow the user to easily navigate down through various levels of data.

Sort and Filter

Present on Widgets and Reports, this functional control allows users to quickly reorder, isolate or filter the results presented within a Widget or a Report.


Located on the Navigation Bar, these controls allow the user to quickly search for results related to a specific data element such as Contract Number or Advisor.


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