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Leverage Your Data.
Improve Results.

Need access to timely and accurate annuity sales data but don’t have tech resources or the budget to do so? 
We have a solution.

Introducing Distributor Insights

Distributor Insights- a fully customizable, data-driven, web-based solution for client-facing Distributors to effectively manage their annuity and life insurance programs. 


  • Distributor Insights (DI) allows the Distributor to customize dashboards, widgets, reports, case management, notifications, and alerts to its own specifications.

  • Customized case management, notifications, and alerts provide each Distributor the ability to create and tailor their own set of metrics and criteria.

  •  Distributors can define their own product-to-product category mapping (e.g. aggregating variations of redundant product types for simplicity, creating new product sub-types, and at times— even correcting inaccurate product types sent by the carriers).

  • Distributors can define the mapping of underlying investment options to the Distributor’s own class, category, and risk-tolerances.

  • DI provides permission-based experiences throughout the Distributor’s hierarchy, providing tailored views based on the user’s role. (ex. Home Office, Sales Management, Advisors, Supervision, etc.)

  • Saltzman Insights monitors all Distributor and DTCC data for issues and works with the Distributor to implement solutions. 

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Introducing the Partner Portal


The Partner Portal is an online sales intelligence tool that provides easy access to your firm’s annuity sales results which can also be leveraged as an automated data-sharing package with your select product partners. 


Accessible through a convenient online portal, firms can access daily annuity sales intelligence1 mapped to their own distribution hierarchy.  Firm users use the built-in dashboards, heat mapping and reporting features within the Partner Portal to better understand, track and compare their annuity sales activity across its products and partners, the firm, its locations and at the rep level.


Firms may also leverage their sales data within the Partner Portal by granting their select product partners access to summarized1 annuity sales intelligence through the portal, effectively automating a “data package” for those partners.  Firms are free to choose which product partners that are granted access2, which is typically done in exchange for marketing allowances or specific access fees payable to the firm.

In nearly all cases where product partner access is granted, access fees paid to the firm by its partners will exceed the firm’s cost for the Partner Portal.

 If you choose to grant access to your product partners, we work with your selected Product Partners to map their wholesale support resources to your advisor network, enabling both the firm and its product partners to better understand their performance relative to the opportunity presented by your firm.

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