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Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is an online sales intelligence tool that provides easy access to your firm’s annuity sales results which can also be leveraged as an automated data-sharing package with your select product partners. 

Accessible through a convenient online portal, firms can access daily annuity sales intelligence mapped to their own distribution hierarchy.  Firm users use the built-in dashboards, heat mapping, and reporting features within the Partner Portal to better understand, track, and compare their annuity sales activity across its products and partners, the firm, its locations, and at the rep level.

Firms may also leverage their sales data within the Partner Portal by granting their select product partners access to summarized annuity sales intelligence through the portal, effectively automating a “data package” for those partners.  Firms are free to choose which product partners are granted access, which is typically done in exchange for marketing allowances or specific access fees payable to the firm.




In nearly all cases where product partner access is granted, access fees paid to the firm by its partners will exceed the firm’s cost for the Partner Portal.

 If you choose to grant access to your product partners, we work with your selected product partners to map their wholesale support resources to your advisor network, enabling both the firm and its product partners to better understand their performance relative to the opportunity presented by your firm.

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Partner Portal Benefits

Access to Annuity Sales Intelligence


Easily access annuity sales data across products and partners, the firm, its regions/territories and at the rep level

Improved Management Tool for Partner Performance


Quickly assess product partner performance with sales details mapped to the partner’s wholesale resources assigned to your firm.

Automated Data Package for Select Product Partners

Provide valuable sales intelligence to your select product partners in exchange for access fees which can be used to cover the overall system costs.

Improved Partner Support


Authorized product partners will benefit from improved intelligence— enhancing their ability to support your firm and its advisors.

Data Available Within The Partner Portal

Sales Data Elements
Distribution Firm Users
Product Partner Users
Partner Internal Wholesalers
Partner Field Wholesalers
Partner Regions/Territories
Firm Reps
Firm Locations/Branches
Product Types

See How It Works

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