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Saltzman Insights provides data-driven services designed by industry experts, enabling companies to manage their annuity and life insurance programs holistically. We combine industry expertise with customized technology platforms to empower firms to effectively manage their programs for the betterment of clients, advisors and management. Our solutions provide comprehensive insight into your data-- from the aggregate to the detailed-- with a set of tools tailored to your firm’s needs.

Saltzman Insights LLC. (“Saltzman Insights”) was founded in June of 2019 with the goal of providing distributors and providers of Insurance and Annuity products with technology solutions and industry expertise to better manage their Insurance and Annuity businesses. 


Steve Saltzman and Christopher Mattera are the co-founders of Saltzman Insights.   Saltzman is also the owner of Saltzman Associates, a strategic marketing consultancy providing services and solutions to institutional distributors and underwriters of investment and insurance products. Saltzman has been a student of the industry for over 30 years.  With expertise in marketing strategies, product and process design, and regulatory compliance, Saltzman leverages his experience and vast industry network to inform the design and function of the tools made available through Saltzman Insights. Mattera brings extensive industry experience with over 30 years designing and managing successful Insurance and Annuity Programs from both the Firm and Product Provider perspectives. Mattera leads Saltzman Insights’ efforts in designing and implementing technology solutions for our clients.


Saltzman Insights has developed Distributor Insights, a software as a service (“SaaS”) solution, to provide Firms with a solution that they can tailor to holistically support all aspects of their Insurance and Annuity programs. 


Saltzman insights has also developed a second SaaS solution, known as the Partner Portal.  The Partner Portal enables Firms and their participating Product Providers to access summarized Firm sales intelligence mapped to each Product Provider’s own sales hierarchy.  With access to daily updates of firm sales data, authorized Product Providers benefit from improved intelligence — enhancing their ability to support the Firm’s advisors. Client-facing distribution firms benefit from improved Product Providers support and by gaining insights into the effectiveness of their Product Providers’ support.

Meet the Team


Steven E. Saltzman

President and Co-Founder

704-243-4512, ext 101

As President of Saltzman Insights, Steve Saltzman brings his extensive experience and knowledge to lead our team, ensuring we provide the best possible service to our clients with a focus on delivering results that help businesses thrive. 

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Christine Murphy

Business Development

704-243-4512, ext 106

Christine Murphy is responsible for various functions within Saltzman Insights including project management, business analysis, technology design, implementations, and improvements. 

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Vicki McClure

Business Analysis, Data Analytics

704-243-4512, ext 105

Vicki McClure is responsible for various functions within Saltzman Insights including business analysis and data integrity.

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Christopher Mattera

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

704-243-4512, ext 104

As Vice President of Saltzman Insights, Chris brings vast industry experience with over 30 years of designing and managing successful Life and Annuity Programs from both the distributor and product provider perspectives. 

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Jennifer Saltzman

Marketing Director

704-243-4512, ext 102

Jennifer Saltzman is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Saltzman Insights. She is responsible for strategy, tactics and programs to create interest, demand and recognition for the company's services.

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