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Carrier Insights

Distributor Insights- a fully customizable, data-driven, web-based solution for client-facing Distributors to effectively manage their annuity and life insurance programs. 


  • Distributor Insights (DI) allows the Distributor to customize dashboards, widgets, reports, case management, notifications, and alerts to its own specifications.

  • Customized case management, notifications, and alerts provide each Distributor the ability to create and tailor their own set of metrics and criteria.

  •  Distributors can define their own product-to-product category mapping (e.g. aggregating variations of redundant product types for simplicity, creating new product sub-types, and at times— even correcting inaccurate product types sent by the carriers).

  • Distributors can define the mapping of underlying investment options to the Distributor’s own class, category, and risk-tolerances.

  • DI provides permission-based experiences throughout the Distributor’s hierarchy, providing tailored views based on the user’s role. (ex. Home Office, Sales Management, Advisors, Supervision, etc.)

  • Saltzman Insights monitors all Distributor and DTCC data for issues and works with the Distributor to implement solutions. 

Features & Benfits of Distributor Insights

Software as a Service
Reduce the burden on internal technology resources. Low cost to implement, maintain and improve.
Financial Grade Solution
Secure, reliable and fully redundant platform.
Fully Customizeable
Each implementation of Distributor Insights is tailored to the requirements of the firm. Core tools within the solution are quickly optimized to meet your specific needs.
Quickly monitor your firm’s KPIs with customized dashboards. View and analyze data across organizational, carrier and product hierarchies.
Quickly analyze sales and asset activity across the firm’s geography, down to the branch/office level. Identify where sales are hot…and where they’re not.
Highly flexible tool enables rapid deployment of critical reporting. Users are able to customize reports on demand and core reports can be automatically distributed to key stakeholders.
Alerts & Monitoring
Systematically identify and monitor critical data (e.g., values, surrenders, transactions, policy milestones, etc.). Ability to quickly react to regulatory inquiries and evolving regulations.
Issue/Case Management
Create, record and track specific issues or cases for resolution. Ensure compliance with regulators and provide a secure audit trail for books and records.
Detailed Policy Views
Reduce the time spent gathering in-force policy details directly from your carrier partners. Ready access to policy level detail improves the firm’s service to Advisors and clients, while enhancing business continuity.
Dedicated & Experienced Team
Ongoing service and support from an experienced, dedicated team. Leverage the experts at Saltzman Insights to design, enhance, support and extend your system.

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Get a detailed demo of the platform. Together we will discuss your unique needs and objectives. We can’t wait to connect!

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